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Spenco® NEW Gel Total Support Insoles for all day comfort from the combined benefits of Total Support to help align your feet with the shock absorption qualities of cool Gel cushioning.
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New Spenco® Gel Total Support Insoles

Now you can enjoy the benefits of the Spenco® Total Support Insoles with the cool cushioning of Gel all in one Terrific Insole. Combining the superior cushioning of the Gel Performance Insoles and the Stability Cradle of the Total Support Insoles, the Spenco® Gel Total Support Insoles offer unmatched all day comfort and service.

Seven Sizes Fit Men 6-15; Women 3-12

Features & Benefits:

  • TPR Comfort Gel thermoplastic rubber combines superior cushioning and energy return for ultimate comfort. 
  • Metatarsal Arch Support relieves pressure from the ball of foot. 
  • Top Cloth with Silpure Antimicrobial helps eliminate odor causing bacteria and reduces friction. 
  • Stability Cradle supports the arch and heel for greater comfort/ Makes it easier to place into the shoe. 
  • 3-POD™ Cushioning System absorbs impact at heel strike. 
  • American Podiatric Medical Association Accepted

Ideal for those seeking all day comfort for their feet. And for people who stand for long periods of time - workers, students and travelers.

Recommended For Daily wear - absorbing shock to reduce foot fatigue and sore feet. Acts like an anti-fatigue mat in the shoe. Best For Use In Any casual or athletic shoe.


  • Heel thickness – 8.00mm [5/16”]
  • Forefoot thickness – 5.00mm [3/16”] 
  • Thickness at toe – 3.00mm [1/8”]

Made With – TPR Gel and Polyester w/Silpure Antimicrobial Fabric.

Instructions For Use: Remove existing insole (some brands of shoes glue the insole to the shoe, but careful removal will not damage the shoe). Insert the Spenco® Gel Insole into the shoe. Trim with scissors if necessary using the old Insole as a template to get a precise fit.

Care: Hand wash with warm water. Air dry. 

# 46-300

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Customer Reviews

  1. tremendous value Review by Harold

    I like Gel Insoles and tried a lot of different brands. I found the spenco brand to be the best and they hold up much longer than any other kind. I saw where spenco came out with this new gel insole that also has some arch support so I decided to give them a try. First thing I noticed is that these babies are heavy. I mean, they are not some cheapo thin gel insole. They are really made well, lots of cushioning and much to my surprise, they do offer noticeable arch support too. You can't beat the price, the quality is excellent and they are extremely comfortable. I really made the right decision when I decided to give them a try. great insoles, I am now a big fan of the gel total supports. (Posted on 8/28/2010)