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Spenco Gel insoles provide heel to toe comfort, a contoured design supports the heel, and metatarsal (ball-of-foot). It prevents foot odor and offers relief from aches.
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Spenco® Gel Insoles

Heel to Toe Comfort as Triple Density Gel Channels Energy Flow Full length for lasting pressure relief. Contoured design supports the heel, medial arch and metatarsal (ball-of-foot). Antimicrobial top cloth helps prevent foot odor.

Seven Sizes fit Men's 6-15; Women's 3-12

Spenco® Energy Activated Gel Insoles. Imagine banging the palms of your hands against a hard, unforgiving surface one hundred times a day. Sound unbelievable? That is pretty much what you do to your, what are you doing to protect them? If you've never tried Spenco®'s Gel Energy Activated Insoles, your feet are in for a major treat.

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  • Spenco®'s exclusive TPR gel, a thermoplastic rubber that softens your steps and returns energy to your feet with a 44% rate of return.
  • A triple density design helps the insoles absorb shock and give your feet the support they need.
  • Metatarsal arch support that takes pressure off the balls of the feet, and extra heel cushioning that absorbs impact where your feet often hit the ground hardest. 
  • Stability cradle design that is fashioned to support your arches and heels, but still makes it easy to wear shoes.
  • Anti-microbial top cloth on each insole reduces friction and fights odor.
  • American Podiatric Medical Association accepted.
  • Hand washable.


Customer Reviews

  1. nice inserts Review by Greg

    cant get any better than these. (Posted on 8/28/2010)

  2. best gel insoles on the market Review by Sal

    Best gel insoles I ever had. I used to wear another brand, you know, the ones you see advertised on tv all the time, the "I am gelling" kind. But those I had to replace every 3 or 4 months and that got old real fast. So, I tried the spenco gel insoles. WOW, what a big difference. Much better cushioning, much better quality. I do not have to replace them all the time, I get more cushioning and the price is not too much different. The spenco ones are actually a real bargain. I will never use any other gel insoles brand again. (Posted on 2/25/2010)