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Spenco ThinSole™ Orthotic Full Length RX™ Insoles are designed to support your foot's arch and help control, stabilize and balance the foot for tighter fitting shoes. The anti-microbial. friction resistant top cloth reduces friction and improves overall foot comfort.
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Spenco® Full Length Thinsole Orthotic Arch Supports SPENCO RX™ ThinSole™ Orthotics

Firm customizable support for dress or tight fitting shoes. Helps control, stabilize and balance the foot for tighter fitting shoes. Spenco® Material absorbs shock and reduces friction to improve overall foot comfort. Seven sizes fit any shoe or boot - Men's 6-15 and Women's 3-12.

ThinSole™ Full Length Orthotic Rx is designed to support your foot's arch and absorb shock of everyday activity. The unique shell provides excellent stability without the added bulk of most orthotics. The shell of the insole is bonded to a layer of closed-cell nitrogen-injected Spenco® material and covered with a 4-way stretch graphite nylon.

Thinsole Orthotic Insoles are a perfect fit for dress and casual shoes. Experience the difference of ThinSole™ Orthotic Support! Whether you need extra arch support to help treat Plantar Fasciitis or just some extra cushioning to help relieve a Heel Spur,

Spenco® Insoles have the highest quality products to help keep you comfortable and on your feet. Most importantly this insole line, which includes the Orthotics RX and ThinSole™ Orthotics RX, is our most popular among our customers, proving that these insoles provide the needed arch support that everyone finds more comfortable.

American Podiatric Medical Association Accepted

Customer Reviews

  1. Better than Expensive custom made Review by Angela

    After wearing the spenco thin orthotics for around two months, I can honestly say that they have made a big difference. My feet feel great, my ankles do not bother me anymore and now I feel I can walk for miles without even thinking about my feet. My doctor recommended the spenco and I am glad he did. The spenco thin orthotics are excellent for a very reasonable price. (Posted on 3/4/2010)

  2. Real Comfort with Real Support Review by Cindy

    I use the regular spenco orthotic arch supports but found that in some shoes they were very tight. I tried to wear the shoes with just a flat insole but then my feet started to bother me because I needed the arch support.
    I got the spenco thinsole and at first when I looked at them I did not think they would be high enough to give me the arch support I needed. But let me tell you that after wearing them, they are perfect. In fact, I much rather them than the regular arch supports. I did do the heat up thing to mold them to my foot and maybe that is why they fit so great. Whatever it is, they make my feet feel great, they are very comfortable and give me all the support I need. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for arch support. (Posted on 2/24/2010)