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Spenco® For Her Total Support Insoles offer unsurpassed cushioning and support to absorb shock and help prevent over-pronation and over-supination.
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Total Support–Designed for Women Spenco® For Her Total Support Insoles provide unparalleled cushioning. Helps prevent over-pronation to properly align the foot for all day control and stability, Firm, long lasting support and shock absorption improves athletic performance and prolongs the life of shoes. Five Sizes Fit Women 3-12

Features & Benefits:

  • Support and stabilization for a woman’s foot as impact moves from the heel area to the mid-foot while controlling supination (the outward rolling motion of the foot).
  • Targeted support to manage the pressure that occurs during a woman’s stride. 
  • 3-Pod™ Cushioning System (patent pending) absorbs shock and helps prevent over-pronation. 
  • PolySorb® Stability Cradle provides advanced arch support and deep heel cupping. 
  • Custom Cushion Layer conforms with normal wear to match the contours of the foot. 
  • Low-friction Antimicrobial Top Cloth helps prevent blisters and controls odor. 
  • Metatarsal Arch Support offloads pressure from the ball of foot to help relieve forefoot pain. 
  • Forefoot Crash Pad provides extra cushioning under the ball of the foot for a smooth transition to toe-off. 
  • American Podiatric Medical Association Accepted

Ideal for Active women seeking firmer support and stability.

Recommended For: Athletic, tennis, basketball and training shoes with removable insoles. Running, walking, jogging, and sports training. Best for neutral to high arched feet; however, we've found low arch appropiate if seeking a flexible arch support that can assist with locking in the foot arch.

Components: Fabric w/ Silpure, EVA, PU, PVC Thickness at Heel: 8.00mm [0.31”] Thickness at Forefoot: 6.50mm [0.25”] Instructions for use: Remove existing insole (some brands of shoes glue the insole to the shoe, but careful removal will not damage the shoe).

Insert the Spenco For Her™ Replacement Insoles into the shoe. Trim with scissors if necessary. Care: Hand wash in warm water. Air dry. ONE YEAR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE

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Customer Reviews

  1. Better than q factors Review by Alice

    I have used the spenco q factor insoles for a long time and I thought they were great. I just bought a new pair of shoes and thought I would get a new pair of the spenco q factors to put in them. then I found out that the q factors have been replaced. I was disappointed but reluctantly decided to give the new ones a try. These spencos are even better than the q factors. they have more cushioning and I like the heel cup a lot more,, it seems deeper or more cushiony or something but just better. the support is still there and they even feel more comfortable. I am sold, I just ordered two more pairs for my other shoes. good to see they are the same price, too. (Posted on 8/28/2010)